Big Data.…Big Deal

August 28, 2013 (comments: 0)

Of course the Big Vendors love Big Data it drags Big Hardware, Big Software, Big Consulting Fees.  We have seen Millions and Millions of Dollars, Pesos, and Bahts spent on Data Warehouses and other Data Management strategies all aimed at making “silo-ed data” accessible for organizational usage. 

But while millions are spent to gather the data, the investments in frontline delivery technology are lagging. We recently met with a large organization who completed their Data Warehouse project with a large database provider and had no ability, whatsoever, to deliver the informational output to the frontline staff. Wow!

For Financial Organizations to get the Big Payback from organizing and accessing Big Data, the beneficiaries of data (information) management should be the Customer/Member and the people who act upon this information to provide intelligent and relevant product and service recommendations and service delivery. So any planning and certainly any project aimed at harnessing the organization’s data should include a very clear path to the front line utilization.

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